Battle for Fiordland

Battle for Fiordland 2.2

Battle for Fiordland is a great 4 player Multi-Map for Company of Heroes ww2
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December 12th, 1945. Milford Sound, Fiordland, New Zealand. A couple of days ago, on the 10th, a second German Expanditionary force had landed in Milford Sound, in Fiordland. After meeting absolutly no resistance they quickly established a forward base. Now, two days later the Allies have massed two army groups to combat the german threat. Fiordland has proved to be a rather strong strategic position, allowing the Axis to service U-Boats from the small port facilitys, and being rather close to Australia, a great location for supply drops. The Allies realise this, and know it must not stay in German hands.

With the battle still raging in the south, the German attempts to Sieze both Invercargill and Bluff are now in full swing, a secondary advance launch point would be a great help to the German War effort in New Zealand. General MacArthurs forces have managed to Stay Japanese forces in the north Island, after a dramatic battle in Northland.

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